Monday, December 19, 2016

Back to Blogging

I have given Facebook a good try. After nearly 6 years of trying to use Facebook to provide regular updates of my fishing escapades, I've come to the conclusion that I still need my old favorite, the Blog.

Don't get me wrong, Facebook is good for a quick check-in or mid-tournament update. However, I regularly have people ask me about fishing methods; either new techniques and tackle items, or a tweak or tune on an old favorite method.

And here's where the Blog shines. I can string together a couple hundred words on a particular technique, or just a couple of paragraphs and some pics to explain the idea. Once I've produced it, I can link it to Facebook, without fear of it getting buried so I can't find it when I get another question on the subject. I can tag it and make it searchable. I can even add new tags or update content, or link new information to an older Blog. I have realized that I just miss that flexibility.

So, I'm back, with new content and some updates on what I've been doing with fishing over the last 6 years. Maybe I should start with an update of the record since 2010, with a few highlights:

FIPSed World Fishing Championships - I've been feeling very honored and privileged, having been selected by the USF3/USAC as Captain for 4 U.S. Teams:
2011 - World Nations (Match Fishing) Championship, Ostellato, Italy
2014 - World Carp Fishing Championship, Pietrafitta, Italy
2015 - World Carp Fishing Championship, Caspe, Spain
2016 - World Carp Fishing Championship, Saint Fargeau, France

At St. Croix, I've been busy, helping the guys design the very first Carp Rods 100% manufactured (hand-crafted!) in the U.S. We have 3 rods in the Avid Carp range:
ACS96MMF2 - my favorite close to medium range (0-75+ yards), a light but through actioned Rod that will beat anything that swims in Wisconsin.
ACS120MHMF2 - A finesse tournament 12 footer, that will beat angry Carp quickly, and is a great performer on those bigger fish (over 30 pounds) hooked at ranges up to 100+ yards, on hooks down to size 12 when necessary... Now that's finesse fishing! Also my favorite Zig Rig Rod, a method that comes into its own when the bigger Carp are up in the water.
ACS120HMF2 - The Big Brother in the range, a 12 footer that's comfortable launching specialist carp leads up to 6 ounces over 150 yards, while still retaining the shock absorbing capability to beat good fish quickly on hooks down to size 8.

It's great to be Back in the Blog!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Madison Fishing Expo

I spent last Saturday on the St. Croix Stand at the Madison Fishing Expo, and I had a great time. I met lots of loyal and happy St. Croix Customers, and had the chance to chat about their favorite rods, as well as show off the 2010 range.

Popular rods on the stand were the Legend Tournament Musky Rods; it's good to see that longer rods are in vogue with Musky Anglers, and I'm sure they will find these rods easier and less stressful for a solid days casting after Old Toothy. I also did some "show and tell" on several of the St. Croix fly rods, and I think the 13 foot and 15 foot Avid Centerpin Steelhead & Salmon rods caused quite a stir; these were certainly the longest rods on display at the Expo. Lastly, it was fun to show off the new Avid Pearl range to the Lady Anglers; all agreed that these are a much-needed and colorful addition to the St. Croix range. The pic above shows me with the 13 foot Avid Centerpin Rod, complete with my favorite Centerpin Reel. I have a couple of these rods arriving shortly, and I'm really looking forward to some "big fish on the float" trips this Spring. To my left is the Avid Pearl range; the Fuchsia Metallic finish and Abalone reel seats are quite striking!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said Hi, or swapped stories about big fish; for me this was the very next best thing to going fishing with you all! Here's wishing all the Madison area St. Croix Anglers a wonderful Fishing Spring, and hoping that you all catch the Fish of your Dreams!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

City of Oconto to Host WI CC Qualifier!

Great News from the City of Oconto; they have agreed to host a WI Carp Championship Qualifier in their fair City this year! The Oconto River is a classic Big Carp water, with large fish running up the river each Spring. The Oconto WI CC Qualifier will be held on Saturday May 8th, which should give all anglers competing a chance at a really Big Carp... or three!

Please contact me if you'd like to fish this Tournament; the Entry Fee of $25 is payable on the day, and (as always with WI CC Qualifiers) there will be a 100% payout of the Entry Fees. The rules are simple; catch & release Carp Fishing from the Shore in the Tournament Area only, weight of the best 5 Carp will count (just like a Bass Tournament), fish-friendly rigs and equipment to be used, fish will be weighed by "buddy system" (you weigh your neighbor's fish, they weigh yours), etc. For more details on the WI Carp Championship, please check out this link.

If you're interested, but not sure if you can catch Carp in a tournament setting, please feel free to check out the action on the day; I'm sure all the anglers will be happy to share their knowledge and show off the big fish they are catching!